We are a small team of digital professionals from Girona. We work to offer you digital tools and solutions. We would like to know your technology challanges.


Digital consultancy. Web, App and digital product development. Technology research and innovaction. Scalable and high traffic Cloud Web Hosting.


We work with comunication, marketing and design agencies. We also work for entrepreneur people, companies and organizations.


We work helping people, companies and organizations to meet their technology challanges through new digital tools, web and mobile applications. GironaLabs goes a step further to make technology more simple and easy to use.


Research and innovation

We enjoy learning and evaluating new technologies with the goal to offer more productive tools and services. We like to innovate, we have developed our own Content Management System that allow us to create any web, application or digital tool. Can we help? Contact us!


We mainly work with PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery, MongoDb and MySQL Databases, NGINX servers, Linux (Ubuntu) OS and Cloud Hosting.

A la xarxa:

Twitter: @gironalabs
Facebook Gironalabs


You can find us GironaLabs at CookinGirona, a co-working space in the old town of Girona, Catalonia, Spain. 
Also you can send us an email or call us 972.09.25.03.